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When to Use Windows Laptops in the Classroom

Mobile computing devices are essential to the modern learning experience, especially in the current age of anytime-anywhere learning. Students need to be able to get...

Children & High-Energy Blue Light: A Cause for Concern

[Originally appearing on]

High-energy blue light, or simply “blue light”, has been a frequent topic in the media over the last several years. We get blue...

Using Technology To Differentiate Instruction for Students

When classrooms go 1:1 (i.e. have access to technology devices for all students), the process of differentiating instruction becomes easier to implement. By...

[Webinar] Adaptive Tech Spaces for STEM and ESports feat. Lenovo

Join Lenovo and Trafera as the team up to provide valuable insights into how you turn a single device and a traditional computer lab into a cross-functional,...

[Webinar] Tech With Flexibilty feat. Newline Interactive

Struggling to keep teachers connected to their students? We sat down with our partners at Newline to give some insight into the most up-to-date classroom technology. 

ThinkPad Series Explained: E, L, and T-Series

Trafera’s Lenovo Specialist, talks through Lenovo’s 2020 updates and the main differences between ThinkPad’s E, L, and T-Series. Learn what devices could be a good...