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Zoom Calls on Chromebooks Just Got A LOT Better!

Video chatting has become the new classroom for many schools across the country, bridging the distance between remote teachers and students. Synchronous learning via...

How to Sanitize a Chromebook

Defending your students and staff from Coronavirus and other illnesses starts with keeping the thing they use most–their technology–clean.

Updated: May 28, 2020

4 Tips for Fixing Slow Chromebooks - FireFly Computers

Chromebook Running Slow? Use These Quick Fixes For Laggy Devices


Noticed your Chromebook running slow? Just like any laptop, tablet, or phone, Chromebooks aren’t...

I Spilled on my Lenovo Chromebook! What do I do? - FireFly

The Answer… STAY CALM!

Have you ever noticed a water drop symbol on the bottom of your Chromebook and wondered what it was? Turns out, it’s a simple solution to a...