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Zoom Calls on Chromebooks Just Got A LOT Better!

Video chatting has become the new classroom for many schools across the country, bridging the distance between remote teachers and students. Synchronous learning via...

How to Sanitize a Chromebook

Defending your students and staff from Coronavirus and other illnesses starts with keeping the thing they use most–their technology–clean.

Updated: May 28, 2020

4 Tips for Fixing Slow Chromebooks

Chromebook Running Slow? Use These Quick Fixes For Laggy Devices


Noticed your Chromebook running slow? Just like any laptop, tablet, or phone, Chromebooks aren’t...

“I spilled on my Lenovo Chromebook! What do I do?!”

The Answer… STAY CALM!

Have you ever noticed a water drop symbol on the bottom of your Chromebook and wondered what it was? Turns out, it’s a simple solution to a...