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Keys to Maintaining a Large Chromebook Fleet

Plan. Protect. Repair. 


If you’re like a lot of schools, 2020 pushed you a lot closer to your 1:1 goals whether you planned to or not. Providing students with...

I.T. HERO 101: Organizational Units (Part 3)

Working With Setup Specialists

Setting Up Your Computer Specialist for Success


Setting up a strong OU structure is one thing but taking the time to individually...

Good-bye ChromebookInventory, Hello Chromebook Getter

Out with the old and in with the new for bulk Chromebook management tools!

We’ve loved ChromebookInventory ever since we added Chromebooks to our lineup of K-12 tech....

I.T. HERO 101: Organizational Units (Part 2)

Freshening Up

Clean Up Admin Console–Restructuring Old OUs

Maybe you’re already knee deep in OUs and don’t have the luxury of working with a fresh canvas on Google...

I.T. HERO 101: Organizational Units (Part 1)

Set up a well functioning Google Admin Console with the perfect organizational Units

If your school’s 1:1 technology program relies on Chrome OS, you’re no stranger...